Day Two Wrap-up

wrapup day 2Championship Section

Day two started off with a BANG – WP A & B going at each other and Gauteng A wanting to enforce the pecking order in their own union, by playing their U23 team.  The all union affair was certainly alive on the WP perspective with the A team narrowly beating out the B team in a 5-3 game at Lansdowne. The prospect of these two facing each other again in the tourney certainly is going to a real battle.

On the Gauteng front, The A team made sure that the young bucks were put in their place with a 13-1 victory. WP B then took on their young bucks and beat them down 7-0 in a game that seemed closer. The U23 team not as experienced as the WP B team and gave up inches that turned into bases that ultimately was the difference between the two teams. WP 23 should have been a bit more patient in the box and a bit tighter in the field, but showed great poise turning some more double plays and exciting baseball.

WP A were engaged against Gauteng A on the B diamond and walked out 6-0 winners but not without some brilliance of their own with a 5-4-3-2 TRIPLE play.

The night game was not without its drama Devon Clark doing a really good job on the hill as a fielding pitcher. with no fewer than 4 1-3 assists. Some heads up baseruning, taking advantage of some confusion with the Gauteng coach asking for time and the umpire giving it or not – Zubair Larney stole home without anyone there, just after his dying quail over 1st base to bat in Nick Eagles (who opened his account with a lead off double).  WP left 3 men on base though in this innings and an astute pitching change on the Gauteng team kept them pretty quiet for the rest of the game.

Rain interrupted play and when things got going again, it seemed that Gauteng were more used to playing in the cold and wet than WP and fought back from 5-0 to 5-4 with some real exciting ball.  However, not enough as WP held on to take the win and their 1st points in the section.

Plate Section

Zimbabwe managed to grab a point from Gauteng B in a 4-4 game, while KZN took Mandela Bay in a 9-1 game. Mandela Bay scoring their 1st run in the tournament. In the afternoon game, Mandela Bay carried on with their form and finally got their reward by beating Zimbabwe in what must have been a very exciting and impassioned game 6-3.  Gauteng B continued in their bad run of form to get beaten by KZN resoundingly 16-0.