Mandela Bay Wrap Up.

mb3First day : All got up bright and early to get to the field to watch Carl Michaels, WP pitcher blast some bullets that made the leather “klap” as the Afrikaner would say.

We got ready to take on a WP u/23 side that were revving to go and their young pitcher was just too good for our boys / some remarkable plays by Jacques Langley at 1st base got the local folk talking … Some good plays by Hennie Stander at short stop as well however our curve ball specialist Wiehann Rautenbach didn’t work too well on the day, and then Barend Niemand took over and some lapses in the field left us with the back against the wall 15-0. Wiehann started the tournament in electrifying form hitting a 2 bagger first up for MBA Senior side.

Second game / MBA revving to go against Gauteng A , Charl Ungerer took to the mount and pitched well against Gauteng and was later replaced by Hein van Loggerenberg.

Second day : Mandela Bay vs KZN , KZN’s youngsters were just too good for Mandela Bay on the day, however Gary Bailey scored the solo run for MBA,end result, 9-1 to KZN.

Charl Ungerer pitched very well, however KZN managed to forge some runs via good play due to applying pressure on early.

MBA vs Zimbabwe, MBA were revving to go against Zim, with Nantie Hayward pitching to his hearts content, standout performers for MBA were Hennie Stander, Kyle Pereira and Gary Bailey who all batted well on the day.

Third day : MBA vs Gauteng B / Hein van Loggenberg took to the mount against Gauteng and struggled a bit in the beginning, however Hein’s and Hennie batting were brilliant on the

Day. Anton Schwarz got the side jumping after he took a brilliant catch at centre field, and then when he looked again he took another, with 2 outs the MBA guys weremb1

rather loud on day 3, however Gautengs pitching kept most batters at bay, with a deficit of 8 runs, MBA started batting in the runs and later they got 8 runs in Total to

Gautengs 15. Trenton Papman took to the mount in the last 3 frames to finish the game off.

Play offs – MBA vs Gauteng , in the surprising heat of the day MBA took to the field, on D-diamond and Nantie Hayward took to the mount, however too many unforced

errors in the field, and some hits by Gauteng caused the runs to come in cheaply. With their backs to the wall, only Hein van Loggerenberg, Gary Bailey and Hennie Stander

managed to get on base, but just couldn’t round 3rd base..

Final day : MBA vs Zimbabwe / MBA won the toss and elected to field. Charl Ungerer, pitcher of MBA and Hennie Stander, catcher got the game off to a good start for the first 3

frames, and Zimbabwe couldn’t get a run till after the 4th frame. In the 4th frame a fielding error allowed Zimbabwe on the score board. However the Mandela Bay boys came to play and got 6 runs in the first frame, Hennie Stander, Gary Bailey, Kyle Pereira,Hein van Loggerenberg, Dylan Le Roux and Nantie Hayward all got hits to get the runs coming in fast. With the score up at 10-1 several fielding changes took place and the combination of Barend Niemand and Anton Schwartz worked well for the Mandela Bay Senior side. Hein van Loggerenberg and Dylan Le Roux hit a three bagger bringing in Riaan Schamrel, Charl Ungerer and Kyle Pereira to take the game away from Zimbabwe. End result 14 -3…

The Mandela Bay Coach of Senior side, Terrence Gouws, said that it took a while to get used to the wooden bats, but the team was improving as the tournament progressed and are excited for the future of Baseball in the Mandela Bay area…. And Terrence has asked everyone of his squad to set goals to improve their game !!! Nantie Hayward, said he will provide all the guys a GYM PROGRAM to follow as we are excited to host the Nationals next year, probably at Londt Park … tbc

Its an all Gauteng WP affair.

With the Gauteng U23 being able to smuggle a point from WP A team 9-9 (cancelled due to rain) it really put the cat amongst the pigeons so to say OR would it be more fair to say the colts amongst the big guys.  Though this brings a facinating “series” so to say between the two bigger unions, the draw made sure that neither KZN nor Gauteng B could get into the championship section. The big victory of Gauteng U23 vs Zimbabwe making sure of that. Teams in the Championship division for the rest of the tournament are in order

  1. Gauteng A
  2. WP B
  3. WP A
  4. Gauteng U23
  5. WP U23

in the plate section we have

  1. KZN
  2. Gauteng B
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Mossel Bay.

Mandela Bay bump heads against a strong WP U23 team 0-15

Mandela bay played their 1st match against WP U23 team today and experienced the gulf between a 21 club union and a 5 team union in their mercy rule 5 innings game 0-15. MB, were not able to contain the WP hitters unlike two WP pitchers, DJ Stark and Kieran Moore, who between them did not allow a single MB runner on base. 2nd Base Nick Eagles turning some more slick double plays and Bolty at 3rd making some big plays.