Finals update by Sean Campbell

In this morning semi-finals WP A beat a brave WP U23 10-0 team to progress to the final.

After a slow start Gauteng A out hit WP B to eventually cruise to a 9-2 win.

2 runs in the 6th and 5 runs in 7th inning blew it for WP B as they were leading 2-1 after 5 innings.

So it turns out to be the predicted final,
WP A vs Gauteng A at 2pm.

WP A are the fresher of the 2 teams, with them recording 3 shut outs in their last 3 games, and Gauteng A being pushed all the way in their last 3 games.

Carl Michaels and Jared Elario are raring to have a go at Gauteng A. Gauteng A are gonna have to dig deep to put 2 or 3 quality pitchers out there to make WP A work for their runs.

It could be interpreted in various ways, Gauteng A can be on a good run, WP A are fresh and well rested, WP A could be complacent………

Earlier in the tournament WP A shut out Gauteng A 6-0.
Get down to Chukker Road to watch the final at 2pm