March 26 – Full house for WP

NBC News 26 March 2016 Full House for WP!

by Sean Campbell

Day 1
At the end of day 1 WP have all 3 teams in the top half of the senior championships.
9 teams were divided in 3 seeded groups with the winner of each group and only 2 best 2nd places moving to the GREEN section to challenge for the first prize of SABU NBC.
Group 1 WPA, Gauteng U23 and Zimbabwe
First up WPA smashed Zimbabwe 19-0 to start their defence of the national trophy which they won for more than 15 years. Next up for Zimbabwe was Gauteng U23 who handed Zim their 2nd loss and condemned then to the GOLD section (bottom 4). The final game between WPA and Gauteng U23 ended in a draw as the heavens open and the game could not be completed.
Group 2 Gauteng A, WP U23 and Mandela Bay
WP U23 narrowly lost to 4-0 to Gauteng A. WP U23 then whipped Mandela Bay to put them in a strong position for a best 2nd place. Gauteng A smashed Mandela Bay 19-0 to clinch this group and move Mandela Bay to last on the log.
Group 3 Gauteng B, KZN and WPB
Probably the trickiest group of the 3. WPB did well to beat KZN 3-1 and Gauteng B 11-1 to clinch top spot. KZN’s 4-2 over Gauteng B was not enough for them to get one the best 2nd finish.
1) Gauteng A 2) WPB 3) WPA 4) Gauteng U23 5) WP U23 GREEN 6) KZN 7) Gauteng B 8) Zimbabwe 9) Mandela Bay GOLD
DAY 2 Fixtures
9am VOB; Lans; Batts A; Batts B
GT A vs GT U23; WPB vs WPA; KZN vs M Bay; GT B vs Zim
WP U23 vs WPB; WPA vs GT A; M Bay vs Zim; GT B vs KZN
GT U23 vs WP U23
DAY 3 Fixtures
9am VOB; Lans; Batts A; Batts B
WP U23 vs WPA; GT U23 vs WPB; KZN vs Zim; GT B vs M Bay
WPA vs GT U23; WP U23 vs GT A; Pos 1 vs Pos 4;Pos 2 vs Pos 3