As we approach the final day – by Sean Campbell

With the rain causing havoc at the senior national baseball championship, and with so much time lost, SABU had to make a few adjustments so the competition could continue and an eventual winner achieved.

Up until after the first round of fixtures on Friday morning, WPA, Gauteng A and WPB are in positions one, two and three respectively and have secured a semi-final spot for Saturday morning.

WPA lead the way with seven points from three wins and one draw to KZN which was a rained out fixture. Gauteng A and WPB are both on six points with each having three wins and a loss.

Gauteng U23, WPU23 and Kzn are all on two points. All three have recorded two losses and two draws. These three teams are via for the fourth semi final spot with Gauteng U23 and Kzn having the better chance as the must still play each other and WPU23 must play Gauteng A.

On Thursday afternoon Gauteng A gave WPA a scare and raced to a 7-0 lead after the first inning. The rain forced the game to cancelled and the teams returned Friday morning, with WPA coming with renewed energy a demolished Gauteng A 20-5.

WPU23 are somewhat unlucky as both their games against Gauteng U23 and KZN were rained out as these are the opponents they would have targeted for maximum points .

At the time of writing the semi-finals for the A section is as follows:

WPA vs Position 4
Gauteng A vs WPB

These games will take place at 9am, and the finals at 2-30pm.

JUNIOR Baseball, WP 1 – Gauteng 2

WP retain U15 title, but are unceremoniously unseated in U12 and U18’s!

WPU15a narrowly beat Gauteng A 5-4 in a closely contested final to retain the title for the 3rd consecutive year running.

The win was sweet revenge as the Gauteng side comprehensively beat them 15-3 earlier in the tournament.

WPA reached the final after finishing in 2nd place in the round robin, and then beat WPB 14-3 in the semi-finals.

WPB finished in 3rd place.

Gauteng A dismissed WPB 20-4 on the final morning which was enough to secure the U12 championship which WPA held for 2 years.

Gauteng A finished the tournament unbeaten after coming from 0-4 to beat WPA 6-4 on Sunday.

The task was too huge for the young WPB side who ended in 3rd position after also losing narrowly 7-6 to WPA.

This was sweet revenge for Gauteng who narrowly lost 12-11 to WPA in the final game of last year’s competition in Cape Town.

Gauteng A thoroughly beat WPA 15-2 to unseat their opponents as champions in the U18 division.

The teams played out to a 11-all game earlier in the tournament. Gauteng A narrowly beat WPB, who ended 3rd, 9-8 in the semi-finals.

Another revenge for Gauteng as they were shutout 10-0 by WP in last years final.

The question begs, have Gauteng up’d their game, or are WP becoming to complacent?

Semi-final U18

WPA vs Gauteng B (WPA won)
WPB 8 vs Gauteng A 9

Semi-final U15

WPA 14 vs WPB 3
Gauteng A vs Gauteng B (Gauteng A won)


WPB 4 vs Gauteng A 20
WPA 16 vs Gauteng B 0
WPB 17 vs Cape Winelands 2
WPA 16 vs Limpopo 2

Gold – Gauteng A, Silver – WPA, Bronze – WPB



WPA 5 vs Gauteng A 4
WPB – 3rd

WPA 2 vs Gauteng A 15
Gauteng B – 3rd

Green Division Results including 14th morning games

WP A 4 3 0 1 56 11 45 7
Gauteng Lions 4 3 1 0 46 33 13 6
WP B 4 2 1 1 32 31 1 5
KZN 4 0 2 2 22 38 -16 2
WP U23 4 0 2 2 12 35 -23 2
Gauteng Cubs 4 0 2 2 18 42 -24 2
Gauteng Lions 12 Gauteng      Cubs 7
Gauteng Lions 14 KZN 3
Gauteng Lions 5 WP A 20
Gauteng Lions 15 WP B 3
Gauteng Lions . WP 23U .
Gauteng Cubs 7 Gauteng Lions 12
Gauteng Cubs .11 KZN 10
Gauteng Cubs 1 WPA 20
Gauteng Cubs 5 WPB 5
Gauteng Cubs 5 WPU23 5
KZN 3 Gauteng Lions 14
KZN . Gauteng Cubs .
KZN 9 WPB 14
KZN 5 WP U23 5
WPA 20 Gauteng Lions 5
WPA 16 Gauteng Cubs 1
WPA .10 WPB .3
WPA 15 WP U23 0
WP B 3 Gauteng Lions 15
WP B 5 Gauteng Cubs 5
WP B 14 KZN 9
WP B . WPA .
WP B 10 WP U23 2
WP U23 . Gauteng Lions .
WP U23 5 Gauteng Cubs 5
WP U23 5 KZN 5
WP U23 0 WPA 15
WP U23 2 WPB 10