Its an all Gauteng WP affair.

With the Gauteng U23 being able to smuggle a point from WP A team 9-9 (cancelled due to rain) it really put the cat amongst the pigeons so to say OR would it be more fair to say the colts amongst the big guys.  Though this brings a facinating “series” so to say between the two bigger unions, the draw made sure that neither KZN nor Gauteng B could get into the championship section. The big victory of Gauteng U23 vs Zimbabwe making sure of that. Teams in the Championship division for the rest of the tournament are in order

  1. Gauteng A
  2. WP B
  3. WP A
  4. Gauteng U23
  5. WP U23

in the plate section we have

  1. KZN
  2. Gauteng B
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Mossel Bay.

Mandela Bay bump heads against a strong WP U23 team 0-15

Mandela bay played their 1st match against WP U23 team today and experienced the gulf between a 21 club union and a 5 team union in their mercy rule 5 innings game 0-15. MB, were not able to contain the WP hitters unlike two WP pitchers, DJ Stark and Kieran Moore, who between them did not allow a single MB runner on base. 2nd Base Nick Eagles turning some more slick double plays and Bolty at 3rd making some big plays.